Reinforced Earth: Innovation and Engineering Expertise

Fifty years after it was invented, the Reinforced Earth® technology is used on five continents and is an example of the benefits that can be reaped by authentic innovations.

Reinforced Earth South Africa continues to keep Henri Vidal‘s pioneering legacy alive by adopting an active research and development policy and investing considerable resources.

We strive to continually improve the service we provide to our customers by offering solutions that are:

  • better performing
  • more reliable
  • more economical
  • environmentally sustainable

Both materials and processes are constantly reviewed and benefit from our sharing of global expertise, which is part of our business model and recipe for success.

A dedicated Research Development and Innovation Department is at the heart of this endeavour, supporting our companies world-wide in their special projects.

Since its invention, the Reinforced Earth® technology has been enhanced by a number of technological breakthroughs, and other systems, such as TechSpan®, TechWallTM and TerraLinkTM, have been added to our repertoire.

One of the keys to continuing growth lies in this and further diversification, always with the goal of providing better, and more sustainable solutions to our customers.

Engineering represents a mission-critical activity at Terre Armée to tailor our solutions to project-specific constraints. An Engineering Department with a global network of experts is at the service of all our business units to help our dedicated teams deliver a highly specific response to our customers’ requirements worldwide.

In addition, Terre Armée offers its services throughout the lifetime of structures to help preserve them, adapt to new demands, or re-perform calculations to meet new regulatory requirements.

Terre Armée’s attention to safety is an integral part of our customer service. As specialist designer of technical systems always intent on improving quality at all stages of projects, Terre Armée encourages best construction practices by issuing technical recommendations and procedures.