Piano Wall™ conveniently combines Reinforced Earth® mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall facing elements with an integral precast concrete traffic safety barrier.

Piano Wall™ is a unique solution that enables builders to install MSE wall facing elements simultaneously with a precast traffic safety/crash barrier. This ready-to-install solution alleviates complex onsite forming of the barrier and moment slab, plus eliminates concrete curing time and onsite pour-in-situ concrete quality validation procedures. Time and cost savings on the jobsite are assured through use of the Piano Wall™ solution.

The innovative concept builds on the established advantages of conventional Reinforced Earth® walls, whereby combining alternating layers of controlled backfill with geosynthetic or high-adherence metallic soil reinforcements. However, in this case reinforcements are attached to full-height precast facing elements cast with a formed safety barrier. The strength and stability of a Piano Wall™ is derived from the frictional interaction between the compacted controlled backfill and the reinforcements, resulting in a permanent and predictable bond that creates a unique composite structure.

Our approach

Terre Armée engineers, through structural and FEM modelling will develop a pre-engineered, project-specific crash barrier cross-section based on local codes and impact load resistance requirements for your project. This barrier design is seamlessly integrated with the MSE wall portion of the retaining wall design. Especially designed for projects with very low gradients, Piano Wall™ is easily adapted to site-specific geometry. Project managers oversee manufacturing, certification and delivery of the components for the duration of your project. Using the Piano Wall™ solution results in a retaining wall with a composite safety barrier that is strong and well stabilized.


Piano Wall™ is ideal for low grade separations between opposite roadways and for building separations between a roadway and an adjacent non-traveled area where safety or crash barriers are needed for protection. The solution also allows for a smooth transition from lower to higher retaining walls or bridge abutments which may be constructed as part of the same project alignment.

Piano Wall™ wall precast concrete facings can be customized with various architectural finish options. Visit our architectural gallery to view some realizations delivered around the world.




Piano Wall™ units can be easily designed and manufactured to accommodate electrical conduits, light posts, signs, or other auxiliary fixtures including architectural features.

Jobsite simplification

Jobsite simplification

Piano Wall™ makes the need for complicated, costly, and time-consuming anchoring mechanisms for separating safety/crash barrier segments unnecessary.

Rapid production rates

Rapid production rates

The Piano Wall™ solution allows builders to achieve 3m of safety barrier and up to 10m² of retaining wall installation with a single precast concrete element.

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