As engineers and material suppliers, we are often called upon to address solutions that mitigate the effects of noise.

Whether planning for residential areas built near highways, railways or industrial facilities, noise and vibratory disturbance can be mitigated. Our engineered and manufactured noise barriers are widely used to mitigate these nuisances.

Several parameters come into play when building a noise barrier:

  • The size and purpose of the barrier
  • Desired noise reduction coefficient
  • The material to be used
  • Anticipated wind effects
  • Foundation characteristics
  • Service life

These parameters define the materials and barrier configuration required to absorb or deflect noise. Terre Armée offers two types of noise barriers that can be either ground-mounted or supported on deep foundations.

Free standing sound barrier

FanWall™ is a proven and economical free-standing sound barrier and is used in residential, commercial and industrial sites.

It is a free-standing noise barrier made of full-height or stacked rotatable concrete panels, assembled using a tensioned wire rope connection. FanWall™ can be installed on a concrete leveling pad or on a simple gravel pad. Panels are placed based on the desired layout, then connected with tensioned strands. The wall is backfilled along the footing with a shallow gravel footing (normally a 30cm to 60cm depth on both sides).

FanWall™ presents several benefits. The rotatable, interlocking panel joint has sufficient residual angular rotation and vertical movement to eliminate the damaging effects of expansion, contraction, and frost heave which is common to other long-wall alternatives. Other benefits:

  • Self-supporting design and footprint eliminates the need for deep foundation support.
  • Durable precast units furnished with textures on both visible sides with optional sound absorptive features.
  • Structures can be dismantled for re-use, relocation and with 100% salvageability.
  • Fanwall™ is proven and tested to meet AASHTO >100mph wind loading and durability

Post-and-panel noise walls

Our innovative StresTec™ post-and-panel noise barrier solution is focused on the mechanical connection of the precast posts to the shallow, low-depth shafts.

Posts are situated in cannisters and can be temporarily supported through light prestressing as an option. Our method allows flexibility to make adjustments in terms of roadway offset, post spacing and post alignment. Once all adjustments are complete, the embedded cannisters are grouted via a pre-positioned integrated grout pump (optional) assuring proper post positioning and stabilization.

The innovation eliminates the need for external bracing, and allows for alignment adjustments. The segmental stacked panels are set between the posts in a fashion common for post-and-panel construction.

Benefits of the StresTec™ post-and-panel noise walls:

  • Provides a minimal ROW footprint and overhead clearance
  • Unique post-to-caisson design allows for rapid construction and precise alignment.
  • Superior appearance and durability of concrete posts versus typical H-Beams.
  • Lighter post design and segmental units minimize heavy equipment needs.

Noise protection bunds and embankments

Terre Armée also offers bunds and embankments as an option for noise mitigation. These structures are quick to build and have proven their efficiency for noise mitigation applications. Our solutions are a combination of soil reinforcement that can be geosynthetic and facing allowing for vegetation to grow and providing a natural vegetated appearance to the structure.

Sound absorbing precast barriers

Terre Armée has developed customized sound absorbing precast barriers made of panels with a reinforced concrete core and a sound absorbing face oriented towards the noise source. Designers will define the right geometry and select specific materials given the project’s requirements and characteristics such as ribbed porous concrete or wood concrete.

Related solutions

Reinforced Earth®

Reinforced Earth®

Our flagship technique, Reinforced Earth®, is based on the principle of the friction between soil and reinforcements creating a permanent and predictable bond. At the origin of all mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls on the market today, we are continuously perfecting this ingenious technique.



Used for building sound walls, privacy fences and security barriers, StresTec™ answers to special jobsite constraints and logistical challenges. This solution is suited for builders that prefer to install precast ground-mounted posts that allow shallow foundation depths, or also need to build within restrictive rights-of-way or with difficult height clearance limitations.



Fanwall™  is a free-standing, modular precast concrete barrier solution that is used for building noise barriers, security/protection barriers, and privacy fencing. The innovation is best known for using the structure’s own trapezoidal footprint as the bearing surface for overall stability, rather than relying on deep foundations, rigid posts or structural footings that are common to other alternatives.

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