Structures built for safe and secure storage of materials and assets using Reinforced Earth® solutions come in many configurations and we provide solutions for securing idle storage, live storage, and storage area protection.

Valuable metals, currency, munitions, explosives, fuel/liquids and propellants require special handling and storage facilities. Our engineered walls and arch structures are regularly configured for secured bunkers, vaults and “igloos”. Terre Armée structures are built both above and below ground, either covered or open-air. Our designs can address:

  • Flood, earthquake, rockfall, lightning and avalanche
  • Aggressive bombardment and hostile intrusion
  • Radio frequency interference

Reinforced Earth® and TechSpan® “Igloos”

While Terre Armée “igloos” are normally constructed above ground, these robust structures are earth-covered for added protection. Used by military agencies for decades, the level of security for your valuable assets is assured.

TechSpan® arch vaults perform similar to cut-and-cover tunnels, although with additional design features such as armored doors and blast barricade walls tailored to bolster resistance to penetration and intrusion.

Inverted slots, conical holes, liquid basins

Reinforced Earth® slots and conical holes are built to store both idle and live resources. We use sloped wall facings to create hardened inverted cribs for storing and reclaiming your valuable materials. Storage of raw materials, processed ore, pellets and aggregates are some examples of resources that we routinely encounter in our designs.

Secure storage of valuable liquids is possible with our engineered solutions for storage reservoirs and basins. Our technical teams meet the challenges of designing watertight structures in the most aggressive environments.

Blast protection

Private sector and municipal establishments sometimes encounter risks associated with explosions and bombardment. For instance, mining sites are known to utilize vast amounts of explosives in their operations. We have collaborated with leading mining companies, explosive product manufacturers and fortifications investigative board members to reduce their risks in their operating environment.

Security fencing

Terre Armée’s FanWall™ and StresTec™ security barriers are an ideal solution to protect your storage facilities. Tested for ballistic resistance, forced entry and RFI shielding, this free-standing enclosure barrier solution is simple to install and is easily removeable and relocatable.

Related solutions

Reinforced Earth®

Reinforced Earth®

Our flagship technique, Reinforced Earth®, is based on the principle of the friction between soil and reinforcements creating a permanent and predictable bond. At the origin of all mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls on the market today, we are continuously perfecting this ingenious technique.



Resulting from decades of research and development, TechSpan® is a buried precast concrete arch system designed to accommodate high fills, heavy live loads, and alternating loading conditions. With a small footprint and easy and quick to install, TechSpan® is ideal for mining, industrial, and railway applications, it is gaining popularity in many different markets. See the many uses of our precast arch system.



Fanwall™  is a free-standing, modular precast concrete barrier solution that is used for building noise barriers, security/protection barriers, and privacy fencing. The innovation is best known for using the structure’s own trapezoidal footprint as the bearing surface for overall stability, rather than relying on deep foundations, rigid posts or structural footings that are common to other alternatives.

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