Terre Armée solutions are naturally characterized by their capacity to support heavy loads, resist fire, explosions and natural assaults, and tolerate high levels of imposed energies.

Our range of solutions for the energy sector span the full scope for planners and builders:

  • Brownfield and greenfield development
  • Energy production facilities
  • Power and energy delivery systems
  • Storage and resource by-product management
  • Asset management planning

Brownfield site development

Site development begins with sound preparatory and permanent foundations. Building vital groundworks such as earth retention and stabilization in advance of building the primary functional structures is necessary. Consider our geogrid solutions for basal reinforcement and load transfer between strata layers and structures. Having inherent design approaches that parallel soil-nailing, our TerraLink® shored MSE solution provides reliable tie-back for walls constructed in sloped or obstructive terrain.

Roads, bridges, site walls and embankments required throughout the energy site rely on Terre Armée retaining walls and MSE steep slopes for grade-separated access and egress.

Underground transport and escape tunnels utilizing TechSpan® precast arches address the extreme conditions of the energy handling and transport environment.

Greenfield site development

For energy engineers developing plans for future expansion, modernization, and strengthening of existing sites, our solutions are especially aligned with your objectives. Our systems are modular and flexible, and whether permanent or temporary we can develop plans for widening, heightening, rehabilitating, retrofitting and even use of your recycled materials.

Energy production facilities

Production facilities require robust platforms, enclosed processing pits, transfer vaults, and conveyor enclosures. Managing the movement and operation of enormous equipment and machinery involves robust supporting structures built with Reinforced Earth® walls. Such is the case for coal and ore run-of-mine (ROM) processing, nuclear steam generators and turbine lift platforms, oil and gas storage tank platforms, and land-to-water barging ramps.

Power and energy delivery systems

Designing and furnishing materials for transport infrastructure: roads, bridges, tunnels, ramps and bulkheads are core Terre Armée solutions squarely rooted in our 50 year history.

Storage and by-product management

In addition to conventional retaining walls built to stabilize land, Reinforced Earth® solutions are used for building LNG and oil storage impoundments, coal and ore storage silos, stilling and frothing tanks and basins. By-product management facilities designed to support solid waste and liquid disposal and recovery, ash ponds, and landfills all utilize our retaining walls, liners and membranes for safe control over environmental impacts.

Asset management

Energy planners and owners will find comfort in our approach to offering instrumentation, evaluation and monitoring solutions for their soils and structures. Our structural health monitoring solutions assemble teams of experts that partner with you on NDT and Asset Management objectives to support your long term infrastructure investments.


Highly stable

Highly stable

The composite Reinforced Earth® mass is a highly stable explosion barrier that impedes the propagation of a blast at ground level and absorbs high levels of energy due to its tolerance for deformation. Resistant to multiple fracturing, our panels minimize the dispersal of debris.

Non flammable

Non flammable

Reinforced Earth® with steel reinforcements is inherently non flammable and highly resistant to thermal variations, which makes it an ideal choice for the construction of structures for the oil and gas industry.



Reinforced Earth® are impermeable when combined with waterproofing. Often used for safety dykes around large tanks of volatile liquid petroleum products, the Reinforced Earth® dyke contains the escaping liquid should a tank rupture.

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