Reinforced Earth®(Pty) Ltd South Africa, RESA, has acquired extensive experience in the design and supply of materials for mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) in African conditions. It is undoubtedly the pioneering spirit of its founder, French engineer Henri Vidal, which established Reinforced Earth® as the world’s leader in MSE technology. Since starting operations in 1975, RESA has been responsible for several hundred projects throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. RESA operates in most African countries and is your gateway to the shared experience within the Reinforced Earth® group of companies operating worldwide. Reinforced Earth® is a registered trademark which we carefully protect and enforce. MSE is the generic name and the words Reinforced Earth® refer to goods and services provided by our company.




Ensuring safety on our sites is our top priority towards our employees worldwide. We are fully committed to realizing our goal of a zero-accident rate; our regulations, our rigid rules and our in-house tools guarantee that we will achieve this ambition.

Autonomy and Tranversality

Autonomy and Tranversality

Anticipating the opportunities of our evolving markets, we pursue our international development combining our global competence with our local networks to further enhance our range of services. We empower our local managers to be responsive to the needs of their clients, while supporting them with the strengths and resources of a global Group.

Technical and Operational Excellence

Technical and Operational Excellence

Innovation has been intricately woven into the fabric of Reinforced Earth South Africa since its inception. Since its invention by Henri Vidal in 1963, the Reinforced Earth® technology has been enhanced by numerous technological breakthroughs. We at Reinforced Earth SA continue to keep our founder’s pioneering legacy alive by adopting an active research and development policy and investing considerable resources.

Client focus

Client focus

No two projects will ever be alike. Each contract and each client have their own list of specifications, meaning that the project will be unique. We pride ourselves on providing construction solutions that are specific to your project and adapted to your needs. We will partner with you to solve your project’s challenges while providing an excellent client experience.


  • Henri Vidal, Patent filed for Reinforced Earth®

  • Reinforced Earth started operations in Johannesburg, South Africa; at the time there was less than 100 000m2 worldwide (now over 50 000 000m2).

  • 1st Reinforced Earth® structure in South Africa at Silvermine

  • First and Largest Terramet® contract awarded – 35 000 m²

  • 1st Reinforced Earth® coal bunker Structure in Africa and 2nd within the Terre Armee Group.

  • Highest TerraClass® Tip Wall structure at the time; total height 42m; first use of HA reinforcing strips.

  • 1st slip correction Krugersdorp Hill slope failure.

  • First TerraClass® true bridge abutments in Africa

  • First application of Reinforced Earth® in the raising of a Dam wall – first in Africa.

  • 1st use of TerraTrel in Terre Armee Group and a first for Africa.

  • First application of Reinforced Earth® in a Quay Wall Structure – Richards Bay.

  • 1st Application of TechSpan® in Africa - Palapye Botswana.

  • 1st use in Terre Armee Group of TerraLink® - Kei Cuttings

  • Compressible Panels, an innovation first used at the Moatize Mine, Mozambique.

  • 1st application of Reinforced Earth® in the construction of a reclaim tunnel.

  • Opening of our Cape Town satellite office.