When built unchecked and not fully addressed through a proactive design process, the effects of soil erosion can result in serious consequences to landscapes and structures.

Under the effect of strong winds, heavy rains, water flows and gravity, it is very common to see embankments, riverbanks and other land formations deteriorate due to erosion, and in many cases compromising the stability of the larger mass and presenting a serious risk for loss of life nearby.

Our teams are often called upon to advise about possible measures to restore damaged infrastructure and stabilize visibly failing slopes for instance, when the issue could have been anticipated. By working with Terre Armée engineers it is possible to put in place preventive measures that control the effects of erosion by protecting superficial layers and reinforcing the overall mass when necessary.

Erosion control blankets and coir logs

Green solutions such as the TerraGreen rolled erosion control mats, blankets and coir logs made of natural fibers are an effective option when it comes to protecting slopes and embankments from erosion.

Installation is quick and simple, and those products can be engineered to foster the growth of vegetation, using local species of plants respecting the local flora and avoiding the disruption of the natural ecosystem by introducing new species.

Geosynthetic turf reinforcement mats

When higher resistance is required, is it possible to use the TerraGreen™ geosynthetic turf reinforcement mats allowing for durable erosion protection, also allowing for vegetation to grow through the synthetic fibers even in situations where the forces exerted by water flows exceed the shear limits of unreinforced vegetation.

Mats have proven to be an excellent alternate to rock riprap, much more economical, faster and easier to install.

Formed concrete and articulated concrete block mattresses

When it comes to protecting riverbanks from being eroded away under the effect of strong rains rivers overflowing, it is possible to use our TechRevetment™ geosynthetic formed concrete mattress that would be applied as a cover on top of riverbanks. Articulated concrete block mattresses can also be used for similar applications.

Geotextile bags and mattresses

Allowing for installation flexibility while durable and easy to put in place, geosynthetic bags and mattresses filled with soil are another option for erosion protection.

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The TechRevetment™ geosynthetic form concrete mattress is widely used for riverbank and riverbed protection. Our erosion protection solutions are highly resistant and durable, assuring for long-term service and limited maintenance.



TerraGreen™ geosynthetic turf reinforcement mats allow for durable erosion protection and will help you make significant savings compared to rock riprap and other traditional solutions.

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