Reinforced Earth® Walls for Jorf Lasfar Power Station 

In Morocco, the Jorf Lasfar thermal power station features high-performing installations. Guaranteeing an availability rate of over 90%, it is one of the best performing power stations in the world.The facility enjoys a strategic geographic location thanks to its proximity to the Jorf Lasfar Port. An estimated 85% of coal imports destined for thermal power stations pass through this terminal. The coal park for the station currently has a storage capacity of one million tons and enjoys a neighbouring coal supply of 5.4 million tons/year.

Terre Armée France is currently contributing to the construction of an additional carbon storage park for the facility to increase its coal processing capacity. This is part of a general expansion project of the coal terminal. Started by TAQA Morocco in collaboration with the Office National d’Eau et d’Electricité (ONEE) and ANP, the project aims to ensure future traffic of over 7 million tons/ year.

Terre Armée France works for the Moroccan contractor Société Travaux Agricoles Industriels et Publics (STAIP) for the design and supply of Reinforced Earth® retaining walls and an access ramp. TerraClass® precast concrete panels and GeoStrap® synthetic reinforcement strips is the system used for the construction of the walls.

Terre Armée France’s services also included a general stability study of the overall structure.

The wall will act as a retaining structure for the future carbon storage facility. In total, 9600 m2 of panels will be installed, up to 17.42 m height and more than 990 m length. Works started in February 2019 and will wrap up in March of 2020.

wall height
0mio t/year
coal processed

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