Terre Armée provides planners and builders with two innovative precast concrete post-and-panel wall solutions.

Used for building sound walls, privacy fences and security barriers, our solutions answer to special jobsite constraints and logistical challenges. These pre-engineered solutions are suited for builders that prefer to install precast ground-mounted posts that allow shallow foundation depths, or also need to build within restrictive rights-of-way or with difficult height clearance limitations.


  • Cost savings realized with shorter length of concrete posts
  • Surface-mounting of posts makes for better alignments and predictable panel installation
  • Lower overhead and right-of-way clearance required for post installation
  • Allows for leniency for bracing of the posts during installation
  • Completed structure exhibits precision alignment vertically and horizontally
  • Better appearance of precast posts versus typical H-beams

Two design and installation options

Terre Armée engineers work with your team to select the best of the two options for your project. Both options entail mounting the posts at the surface onto drilled shafts by way of an innovative grouted structural anchor-in-cannister connection. However, bracing of the posts may be in the form of either post-tensioning (termed StresTec™), or by conventional bracing methods.

The first option, historically referred to as StresTec™ entails in-situ post-tensioning of the posts to the drilled shaft foundation to serve as a temporary bracing method – no external bracing is required. Stressing strand ties the post to the reinforced concrete drilled shaft foundation vertically through the post by way of a jacking assembly pocket, or “blockout” which is pre-positioned in the web of the post. After post alignments are complete and the base course of panels are set and aligned, posts are permanently connected to the caisson using high-strength grout pumped into the anchor dowel cannisters embedded in the caissons. Customary panel installation then proceeds.

The difference in using the second option relies on conventional methods for temporary bracing of posts using external bracing. As with the StresTec™ option, after post alignments are complete and the base course of panels are set and aligned, posts are connected to the caissons by grouting for permanent stability.




Terre Armee designers combine their geotechnical expertise with engineered structural elements to furnish a durable structure requiring little or no maintenance.

Low-impact construction

Low-impact construction

Shallow foundations and quick-set posts install faster than alternative measures resulting in lower duration of works at the jobsite.



Precise joint alignments combined with a wide range of architectural patterns give a higher quality finished appearance.

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