Ensuring quality designs and a well managed supply of precast concrete products is rooted in Terre Armée’s success.

Terre Armée engineers, designers, plant operators and sales persons are experienced at bringing together structural and geotechnical solutions with visual landscape solutions. Our inherent soils-structure interaction know-how enables engineers and builders to solve geotechnical challenges while acquiring highly-designed precast architectural fascia and overlay elements. Structures end with a pleasing appearance and enduring performance.

Terre Armée engineers design safe and sound structural connections and mounted overlay systems that “dress up” built structures and can provide an extended, sustainable service life to nearly any wall system, including:

  • Typical wire faced MSE walls
  • Soil nail walls
  • Anchored tieback walls
  • Sheet pile walls
  • Diaphragm walls
  • Reinforced concrete walls
  • Reinforced soil slopes
  • Noise walls
  • Wall upgrades, repairs and replacements

Project operating teams manage our manufacturing and precasting operations. Whether performed in-house or outsourced within our supplier network, the production of these special materials follow the same guiding principles applied to our core business lines. We deliver safe and sustainable designs, certified materials and processes.

Geotechnical and structural engineers develop job-specific connections for connecting the fascia elements with a wall face. Terre Armée high-grade connections provide long term stability, and support variable loading, potential movement, settlement and weathering.

Our fascia and cladding solutions are supported not only by our geotechnical and structural expertise, but also by our long history in the areas of architectural design. Terre Armée project managers are experienced at working with special sized and shaped molds, architectural form liners, colored and stained concrete, artistic murals and creating bespoke theme canvasses, including greenscapes that turn your vision into reality.


Decades of precasting experience

Decades of precasting experience

Terre Armee has been operating and managing major precast concrete plant operations and concrete forming mold fabrication worldwide for nearly 50 years.

An all-inclusive approach

An all-inclusive approach

Our teams bring together expertise in soils, structures, architecture and manufacturing in order to deliver a complete solution.

Our experience with all types of walls

Our experience with all types of walls

Whether dealing with tieback walls, MSE walls, cast-in-place concrete walls or reinforced soil slopes, etc., we are equipped to deliver a wide range of facings.

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