Terre Armée and subsidiary companies offer waterproofing solutions using TerraLine™ GCL geosynthetic clay liners.

TerraLine™ GCL geosynthetic clay liners are factory made hydraulic barriers consisting of very low-permeability bentonite powder supported by geotextiles, non-woven on the covering side and woven on the carrying side.

The two layers of geotextiles are joined by a reinforcing system of fibers going through the bentonite layer.

The engineering function of a TerraLine™ GCL is containment as a hydraulic barrier to water, leachate or other liquids and sometimes gases.

Depending on the application and on the geotechnical site conditions, TerraLine™ GCL may be associated to other geosynthetics such as geogrids, woven geotextiles or geocomposite drains to provide robust and durable waterproofing solutions.

TerraLine™ GCL can be used for a variety of applications:

  • Landfill lining or capping: containment of leachate in construction of landfills (urban, industrial and special solid waste) and reclamation of exhausted landfill sites or contaminated industrial areas.
  • Mining: lining of tailings ponds for heap-leaching mining process.
  • Waterproofing: used in reservoirs, hydraulic works, decorative ponds, recreational lakes, open-cut tunnels, underpasses and secondary containment of petroleum storage tanks & building basements.
  • Ground water protection: water table protection in transport infrastructures (roads, railways, airports).
  • Soil retaining structures: protection of benches in multi – tier retaining and MSE structures.

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The size of the bentonite particles and of the openings of the non-woven geotextile are calibrated to ensure the optimal waterproofing functioning of TerraLine™ GCL solutions 



Used alone or with other geosynthetics, TerraLine™ GCL geosynthetic liners are efficient hydraulic barriers for a wide array of applications.



Due to intrinsic characteristics such as self-healing properties and a strict quality management, TerraLine™ GCL solutions are adapted to sensitive applications such as landfills or tailing ponds.

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