In the last quarter of 2018, cyclone Titli took a toll on Odisha state, located on the east coast of India. It caused severe damages including landslides in various locations on National Highway 59.

Near Daringbadi – a tourist destination about 200 km away from the state capital Bhubaneshwar – the existing road was partly washed off. The unstable valley slopes supporting the road became a serious hazard to the commuting vehicles, especially during the monsoon.

The project owner, The Public Works Department, National Highways – Berhampur Division, Odisha had decided to restore the landslide area by strengthening the valley and widening the road. Terre Armée in India successfully proposed Terre Armée’s TerraLink® technology as an effective slope stabilization method.

TerraLink® allows for the construction of a Reinforced Earth® retaining wall linking it directly to an existing structure or stabilized slope by nailing or anchoring.

For this project TerraLink® comprises of galvanized TerraNail® with a yield Strength of 670 MPa and an ultimate tensile strength of 800 MPa and is followed by the construction of a GeoTrel™ steepened slope using prefabricated galvanized steel mesh fascia and GeoStrap5 soil reinforcement connected mechanically with TerraNail®.

The affected stretch length is almost 50 m and the height of the valley slope is 15 m. The work is still in progress and expected to be completed April 2020.

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