Located South of Roanne and a hundred kilometers to the West of Lyon, between the towns of Neulise and Balbigny, National Road 82 (RN82) is the last link connecting national road 7 (RN7) to highway A89.

On this crucial road to the opening up of the Roanne territory, the Interdepartmental Directorate of Roads (DIR) has launched works for the creation of a 2×2 lines access road on 4.5 km. The operation also aims at improving road safety.

As part of this project, the company Eiffage TP completes the 15 meters high Reinforced Earth® abutments for a hydraulic isostatic structure. The reinforcements are GeoStrap® synthetic strips.

A particular approach was taken for the design and construction of this highly technical structure.

In total, Terre Armée France has provided 2300 sqm of Reinforced Earth® walls.

RN 82 Neulise-Balbigny localization

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