In order to widen its rail network, Denmark will get equipped with its first high speed rail line.

This project have started with the new line Copenhagen-Ringsted and will continue within Denmark. Furthermore, this high speed rail network will enable southern Danish regions to be connected to Germany so as to establish more business and simplying the trade between Central Europe and Scandinavia.

Bewehrte Erde, our German subsidiary, was involved in the Copenhagen-Ringsted line project and was in charge of designing competitive solution for bridge abutments and retaining TerraClass® walls (in co-operation with Terre Armée France) and of supplying system components to the contractor.

The total surface of the whole project consisting of 6 structures (4 x 4 wing walls under the track and 2 x 2 abutments over the track) is about 1.960 m². This project is a premiere in Scandinavia as it is the first project in which our structures are under and above a high speed track.

Key figures
– Total Surface: 1960 m²
– Maximum height: up to 11.05 m
– Length of walls: Up to 87 m

The partners
– Client: Banedanmark
– Contractor: Aarsleff A/S



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